Standing Up for Ontario’s Old Growth Forest

An Exhibition of works created in Ontario’s Old Growth Forest to bring greater awareness to its contribution and importance to a healthy planet.

Come join us for some interesting presentations and good food.

‘Standing Up for Ontario’s Old Growth Forest’ is an Exhibition by 16 OSA artists who traveled to Temagami and Kirkland Lake to work on-site and then return to their studios to complete the process.  The Exhibition will take you from the forests to completed art work.  This Project is part of the 150th Celebration of the OSA.

The hope is to create greater awareness of the importance of forests and their contribution to the health of the planet.

Presentations begin at 2 p.m.

Hope to see you there.

Janet Hendershot
Standing Up for Ontario’s Old Growth Forest

Arts & Letters Club
14 Elm St., Toronto

Opening: October 2, 1 to 4pm
Presentations: 2pm

BOOK SIGNING of the Breath. Heart. Spirit. Anniversary book

To view the exhibition through October, please make an appointment. email


  • Kim Atkins
  • Josy Britton
  • Heidi Burkhardt
  • Gill Cameron
  • Sharron Corrigan Forrest
  • Peter Dušek
  • Cesar Forero
  • Marina Hanacek
  • Janet Hendershot
  • Lisa Murzin
  • Frances Patella
  • Dominique Prévost
  • Clare Ross
  • Barb Simmons
  • Quan Steele
  • Dermot Wilson