Application for Membership

The applications for membership to the Ontario Society of Artists will open soon. We will be moving from a once-a-year membership application system to a year-round membership application. Keep watching this page for updates.

This call is open to all professional artists currently living in Ontario. Professional is a term that is open to interpretation but, as a guide, we can tell you that we have found that most successful applicants have a least five years of working and showing in a variety of settings.

Applications will be evaluated through a process which includes adjudication by a committee of experienced volunteers from our membership and then a vote by the whole OSA membership.

In order to exclude the possibility of bias or racism, artists’ identities are no longer made available during the vote. The vote is based solely on the artwork. The adjudication committee serves to verify that applicants meet the basic requirements of membership. These requirements are: residency in Ontario, evidence of work as an arts professional and a significant level of achievement in the seven criteria areas (stated below). The identity of the artist has NO bearing on the application other than it must be truthful.

We accept artists working in a wide variety of visual arts disciplines including oil, acrylic, charcoal, pencil, pastel, mixed media, fibre arts, photography, digital, sculpture, video and moving images, installation/performance collage, assemblage, and other.

When you have read the instructions below, click the “Apply Now” button at the bottom of this page to begin your application.

Key Facts

  • Application Fee: $45.00
  • Method of Payment: PayPal on the entry form (Tip: with this method, you can pay by credit card as well).
  • Notification method: Accepted applicants will be notified by email and invited to join the OSA. 
  • Annual Membership fees for successful applicants:  $125.00, due January 1, 2021
  • The decision of the New Members Selection Committee and the OSA membership is final.


  • Originality
  • Fulfillment of Intent
  • Inherent Meaning
  • Artistry in composition and design
  • Excellence and Skill in the chosen medium(s)
  • Consistency in subject matter, style and medium
  • Professionalism, including the presentation of the application itself. 

All applicants are expected to be able to navigate basic digital processes including creating and uploading correctly sized photographs of their work and properly labelling and submitting work according to the instructions.

Entry Instructions

The following will be required:

ONE PDF DOCUMENT containing the information below and in order

  1. A list of the 10 works you will be submitting with the following details in this exact format: (Please note that the first five images listed will make up your list of preferred images for the final jurying.)
    * Title
    * Medium

    * Size (the unframed dimensions of your work, height by width, and in inches) and 
    * Year Completed
  2. A complete list of all exhibitions, trade shows or other places, websites or publications your work has appeared in over the last five years. The list should be written in order by year, starting with 2020, and then going back through 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016.
  3. A complete list of social media platforms that display your work, if any. Please include your social media handles.
  4. A complete list of online sales platforms selling your work, if any. Please include links.
  5. A statement indicating all professional representation with art agents or art galleries who represent your work anywhere in the world, if any.
  6. A professional Artist Statement of Intent. Avoid talking about inspiration and focus instead on process and outcome.
  7. C.V. including educational and relevant work and volunteer background
  8. Indicate if you are willing to donate volunteer hours to the OSA. If so, suggest whether you would like to help run events or work behind the scenes on the computer. The answers to this question will have no bearing on your application.

TEN DIGITAL JPG IMAGES of your artwork. Before you upload the images, you must resize and retitle them as follows:

  • All images must be saved in .jpg format
  • All images files must be a minimum of 1MB but no more than 5MB in size. (A tip for Photoshop users: don’t rely on the file size shown inside the app while the image file is open. Rely instead on the file size shown in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder after the image has been exported and closed. )
  • All image files should be labelled as follows: Number_LastName_Title_Medium_Dimensions_YearCompleted.jpg. 
    For example: