OSA member, Robin Kingsburgh, is exhibiting work in the Collage 2021 show at the John B. Aird Gallery

Indigo City Mixed Media 36 inches x 36 inches

My work takes inspiration from geometry. For me the square and the circle are starting points. And ending points. The square, defined by the horizontal and the vertical: it’s all you need. The circle: a snake biting its tail; the beginning and end; the still point. Geometric archetypes. But there is no perfect circle; there is no perfect square. The beauty of Pythagoras is within our minds. Rendered by the human hand, the square becomes imperfect, and becomes a part of the human world – where imperfection reigns. The rhythm of imperfection is beauty, where order and chaos dance, and sometimes balance. Indigo City is an assemblage of indigo-dyed Japanese paper, which has been cut, torn and assembled into a rhythmic grid.