OSA Member Lori Ryerson Featured on TalkAboutTalk Podcasts

I’m being featured on two podcasts on the new “TalkAboutTalk”!

“TalkAboutTalk” is a new podcast hosted by Andrea Wojnicki.  TalkAboutTalk focuses on “all things communication,” such as body language, using your voice, language, story-telling…. Listen to the 10th episode entitled, COMMUNICATING WITH COLOUR featuring OSA artist Lori Ryerson.

You can find the 30minute PODCAST here:  https://talkabouttalk.com/10-communicating-with-colour-with-daryl-aitken-jenn-purkis-lori-ryerson/ (if you prefer, you can read the transcript by scrolling down below the audio link) If you already use Apple podcasts (or Stitcher or Spotify etc), just go to your podcast app and search “TalkAboutTalk colour”

Interested in more information about COLOUR (5 fascinating facts about colour, colour trends, and quotes about colour)? Click here to read it on your screen: https://talkabouttalk.com/talkabout-colour/

In a few weeks there will be another episode featuring Lori, this time focused on “EXPRESSING YOUR CREATIVITY.”