OSA member, Frank Rodik, is the winner of the 16th Annual Pollux Awards

Frank was named overall winner of the 16th Annual Pollux Awards, as well as receiving first prize in the Fine Arts and Portrait categories for his latest work, The Moons of SaturnAnnouncement of the 16th Pollux Awards — The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards. The complete series of The Moons of Saturn can be seen here: Frank Rodick — The Moons of Saturn

FotoNostrum, the European magazine of photographic art, published a feature article on Frank’s work in its June issue: FotoNostrum Magazine

Frank has released his quarterly newsletter, “a cupful of whispers,” which can be seen here: a cupful of whispers from Frank Rodick, June 2021. You can subscribe at no charge through this link.

Images below include the FotoNostrum magazine cover and the image Even Hell is Beautiful at Nightfrom the series The Moons of Saturn, 2021.


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