147th Annual Open Juried Art Exhibition

Call for Entries — Open to Canadian Artists

The Ontario Society of Artists (OSA) welcomes Canadian artists to apply to participate in our 147th Annual Open Juried Exhibition of Fine Arts which will be a 2 month online Exhibition this year beginning November 1st, 2020.

Juried Artists will be invited to gather in a virtual online opening.
Juried Artists will also be invited to participate in social media take-over days.

The Ontario Society of Artists is committed to helping the art community and have taken steps during these challenging times with a lower submission fee, and greater chance of participation.

For this exhibition, we are using a new system for the submission and jurying process called Art Call.

We have prepared a short tutorial with screen captures so you can see a preview of how to register and apply for an OSA exhibition using ArtCall.org:
Guide to Responding to an OSA Call for Entry on ArtCall.org (PDF document)

This tutorial will explain: what you need to have ready before you begin; how to get started by logging in or registering with a new ArtCall.org account, how to submit an application and complete your entry; and how to manage your application and ArtCall.org profile.

To register and apply for the exhibition, please visit OSA 147th Annual Open Juried Art Exhibition .


One entry (with one artwork) per artist is allowed.

There is a 25 minute time limit for submitting and paying $15 for your entry. However, you an save your submission and just sign in to complete or edit your submission at any time.

To save yourself time and stress, have the details about your artwork ready to enter: Artwork Title; Artwork Dimensions in inches; Description – especially the medium (i.e., oil on panel); and Sale Price.

The submission fee is non-refundable. (This is because we are charged by ArtCall for every entry, whether it is deleted or not.)

***Do not delete your entry or it will be lost and no refund will be given.

***Do not hit the payment button more than once. Doing so will enter a payment for every time you hit the button! Just click the button once and then wait for a few minutes. A confirmation screen will pop up, but the payment process can take a while depending on your connection and the speed of the server processing the payment.