Online Gallery: 2020 Members’ Exhibition of Selected Works

2020 Members’ Exhibition of Selected Works

Show Dates:  October 1st to October 31st

Dear Viewer,

Every piece presented here is a work of art that can be held in your hands and presented in a space. These works are by accomplished professional artists with accolades from across Canada and around the world; all are distinguished members of the Ontario Society of Artists.

Many of these works are for sale, and I encourage you to view every piece with that in mind. The price and medium are listed right under each piece. Note: NFS means “Not for Sale”.

If you want to see what a piece would look like in your home or office, please contact the artist and ask for a preview. If you want to be sent information about a specific artist, contact us and we will send you details. Email

I am extremely proud that we are able to present this 2020 Members Exhibition of Selected Works. Despite COVID, our members and member volunteers have brought you a selection of high caliber art worthy of your attention.

Sincere thanks to Kim Atkins, Exhibition Coordinator; Cathy Groulx, Exhibition Chair; Alan Ray, Technical Guru; and Pat Dumas-Hudecki, Catalogue Graphic Designer and Editor. Without these four people, and the extensive work they have done, this show could not have happened.

I hope you enjoy it. I hope you find something to purchase, for yourself or a friend. Now is the time to support our living artists.


Clare Ross
Ontario Society of Artists

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS:  Alan Douglas Ray, Barbara Sohn, Carmel Brennan, Carole Finn, Cathy Groulx, Cesar Forero, Charline Gardhouse, Cher Pruys, Cheryl Bailey, Christine Proctor, Clara Laratta, Clare Ross, Clement Cheng, Dayna Law, Debra Archibald, Dianna Bennett, Diana Harding-Tucker, Dominique Prevost, Edith Fullerton, Elizabeth Elkin, Erin Fitzgibbon, Ernestine Tahedi, Eva Kolacz, Evelyn Rapin, Frances Patella, Frank Rodick, Gill Cameron, Giuseppe Pivetta, Heather Grindley, Heather Laws, Helena Kwon, Ian Mackenzie, Janet Baker, Janet Hendershot, Jangmee Park, Jaya Datta, Joanna Turlej, John Ashbourne, Joseph Muscat, Josy Britton, Judy Finch, Julia Hacker, Karen Taylor, Kate Taylor, Kathy Haycock, Kim Atkins, Krystyna Cseh, Lawrence Glazer, Lee Munn, Liane Bedard, Lillian Michiko Blakey, Linda Finn, Lisa Martin-Dunk, Lori Ryerson, Lynden Cowan, Margaret Pardy, Margaret Stawicki, Marilena Isacescu Carlea, Marissa Sweet, Mary Ellen Farrow, Mary Ng, Mary Pavey, Maya Foltyn, Michael Walker, Micheal Zarowsky, Min Kim, Mirka Hattula, Nancy Calder, Nancy R. Chalut, Pat Dumas-Hudecki, Peter Kashur, Peter Wirun, Quan Steele, Reina Nieland, Rob Niezen, Robin Kingsburgh, Roger Sutcliffe, Rosalie Lam, Sally Martin, Serge Deherian, Shahla Etemadzadeh, Sharron Corrigan Forrest, Shaukat Chaney, Shelley Newman, Shirray Langley, Steve Wilson, Steven Volpe, Stuart Blower, Sue Ennis, Sue Miller, Susan Clark, Susan Garrington, Susan Gosevitz, Ted Michener, Valerie Geard, Vera Bobson, Wayne Gascho, and Wendy Birmingham.

Exhibition Chair : Cathy Groulx
Exhibition Coordinator: Kim Atkins
Online Gallery Design: Alan Douglas Ray
Catalogue Graphic Designer and Editor: Pat Dumas-Hudecki

Online Gallery

Artists are listed alphabetically by first name in the masonry gallery below.

Notes for visitors: 

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