Renew Membership

The OSA membership fee of $130 for 2020 is due by April 30th annually.
The out-of-province membership fee is $35.

We use MemberPlanet to manage our membership system and payments. The red button below will take you to the MemberPlanet sign in page. Please also update your contact information while you are on the platform.


The Code of Conduct is intended to provide a clear understanding of the expectations of OSA members in order to fulfill the OSA’s mission of fostering and promoting the visual arts in Ontario.

As members of the Ontario Society of Artists, we are committed to: 

Interacting with each other in a civil, non-antagonistic , cooperative, and respectful manner avoiding actions which reflect badly on the society.

Respecting the guidelines set out for every exhibition and event.

Acting ethically, legally, truthfully and with integrity and compassion in all our OSA transactions and dealings.

Avoiding conflicts of interest.

Acting as a good citizen of the arts community.

Any Ontario Society of Artists member who breaches the OSA Code of Conduct may be subject to disciplinary action including a warning letter from the executive or possible expulsion from the society. 

Are you considering applying to the OSA for membership?
We welcome applications from all professional artists residing in Ontario.
Please go to the Apply for Membership page under the Membership menu. 

We take applications for membership during most of the year, but not every applicant is successful. Interested artists are asked to fill out the application form and submit work and information which is presented to a committee and then the entire membership for adjudication in the fall. Results are given out in December.