Frank Rodick is participating in the exhibition “Breath Taking” at the New Mexico Museum of Art

 I have work in the upcoming exhibition Breath Taking at the New Mexico Museum of Art. You can click on Exhibition Details for the museum web page. It runs March 13 to September 5, 2021.
Curated by Katherine Ware, the exhibition considers the social, philosophical, and spiritual issues around breath, which, during this year of Covid-19 and the George Floyd murder, is especially timely.
The piece I have in the exhibition is attached below, with details as follows:
Artist:  Frank Rodick
Title: Joseph (2004/09/26/00/15)
Medium: Archival pigment print
Dim:  100 x 80 cm
Ed: 5+2AP
The image, part of the series Joseph, was constructed using a photograph of my father taken one hour after his death.

OSA Member Quan Steele requests participants for Masked Snowmen

Masked Snowmen Project calls for participants. 
Hi everyone, I have started the project to keep myself busy and including others to join for the fun of making the magical snowmen…wearing mask with FACIAL EXPRESSION.
I am excited to share with you the unique look of snowmen during Covid time made by participants from age 5 to 81. There are more than 50 creative works including mine and there will be much more as it’s rolling to the end in march 21-2021. 
Hurry, send yours in. Enjoy, participate, like and share it out by all means ….thanks
New work is posted daily. For more info…check link
Quan Steele OSA, EAG.

Tom Ashbourne SSC SCA OSA: DESTIG “Best Artists of 2020” award winner

OSA elected member Tom Ashbourne (sculptor) says “This international award is beyond my wildest dreams. Please take the time to read the 10-page interview in DESTIG’s January 2021 edition where I share my perspective on art, creative process, and vision for my contemporary stone and assemblage sculptures.
 Thought-provoking questions posed by DESTIG’s editors take you through my journey from corporate executive to accomplished professional artist. The depth and breadth of questions helped e have a deeper understanding of my creative process and artistic expression.”  (current issue, starts on page 118)

Janet Read OSA: Jurors’ Prize winner at the Carmichael Landscape Exhibition

Janet Read, “High Arctic: Dark Horizon #1”, charcoal on arches paper drawing using loose charcoal powder.

Janet Read OSA is the recipient of the Jurors’ Prize in the Carmichael Landscape Exhibition: Tradition Transformed at the Orillia Museum of Art and History. The show continues to January 17, 2021.