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Good news for Gallery owners, artists and art lovers

Still keeping to essential covid protocols for the time being, we can now view work up close and personal in a number of galleries.  For example, from September 1 to 25 my work, along with work by seven other watercolour and alcohol ink artists, will be hanging at the 

Twist Gallery
1100 Queen Street in Toronto

as part of their Liquid Summer 2021 Exhibition.

Gallery hours Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 6 pm.

Also, from September 8 to 26, one of my paintings will be hanging at 

The Gallery in Neilson Park Creative Centre in Etobicoke

as part of the Ontario Society of Artists Members’ Exhibition of Selected Works. It’s a wonderful, large diverse selection of original art in all media—well worth seeing. 

Gallery hours Monday through Sunday 9:30am to 4 pm.

Lots of free parking on site

Art Exhibition Opportunity in Poland: The 15th International Autumn Salon of Art

Hello all,
I got this call from a friend of mine in Poland who is running this international call for submissions and has very prestigious awards and recognitions.

We can share it with the members. Any questions have to be addressed directly to the organization. Link below

Cesar Forero OSA

OSA member, Frank Rodik, is the winner of the 16th Annual Pollux Awards

Frank was named overall winner of the 16th Annual Pollux Awards, as well as receiving first prize in the Fine Arts and Portrait categories for his latest work, The Moons of SaturnAnnouncement of the 16th Pollux Awards — The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards. The complete series of The Moons of Saturn can be seen here: Frank Rodick — The Moons of Saturn

FotoNostrum, the European magazine of photographic art, published a feature article on Frank’s work in its June issue: FotoNostrum Magazine

Frank has released his quarterly newsletter, “a cupful of whispers,” which can be seen here: a cupful of whispers from Frank Rodick, June 2021. You can subscribe at no charge through this link.

Images below include the FotoNostrum magazine cover and the image Even Hell is Beautiful at Nightfrom the series The Moons of Saturn, 2021.

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OSA member, Robin Kingsburgh, is exhibiting work in the Collage 2021 show at the John B. Aird Gallery

Indigo City Mixed Media 36 inches x 36 inches

My work takes inspiration from geometry. For me the square and the circle are starting points. And ending points. The square, defined by the horizontal and the vertical: it’s all you need. The circle: a snake biting its tail; the beginning and end; the still point. Geometric archetypes. But there is no perfect circle; there is no perfect square. The beauty of Pythagoras is within our minds. Rendered by the human hand, the square becomes imperfect, and becomes a part of the human world – where imperfection reigns. The rhythm of imperfection is beauty, where order and chaos dance, and sometimes balance. Indigo City is an assemblage of indigo-dyed Japanese paper, which has been cut, torn and assembled into a rhythmic grid.

Frank Rodick is participating in the exhibition “Breath Taking” at the New Mexico Museum of Art

 I have work in the upcoming exhibition Breath Taking at the New Mexico Museum of Art. You can click on Exhibition Details for the museum web page. It runs March 13 to September 5, 2021.
Curated by Katherine Ware, the exhibition considers the social, philosophical, and spiritual issues around breath, which, during this year of Covid-19 and the George Floyd murder, is especially timely.
The piece I have in the exhibition is attached below, with details as follows:
Artist:  Frank Rodick
Title: Joseph (2004/09/26/00/15)
Medium: Archival pigment print
Dim:  100 x 80 cm
Ed: 5+2AP
The image, part of the series Joseph, was constructed using a photograph of my father taken one hour after his death.