Call for Entry to the Ontario Archives

Dear OSA Members,

The OSA Call for Entry to the Ontario Archives is now open.  You may recall the email we sent to you a few weeks ago telling you that this opportunity was coming. Now it is here! 

If you want more information please scroll to the bottom of this post.

If you are ready to submit: read on…

In order to have your work considered for the Ontario Archives, you must create a digital submission on EntryThingy. 

Go to this link to see the call and upload your entry.

In order to help you know what to expect, here are the instructions you will see on the entry platform:

Entry Instructions:
Entries to this call will only be considered via digital upload through EntryThingy. Follow the steps here to submit an application. 

DIGITAL SUBMISSION – YOU WILL BE ASKED FOR your artist contact information, including address, telephone number and email. AND YOU WILL REQUIRED TO UPLOAD TWO FILES – One Image and One Resume (PDF or Word): 

One (1) IMAGES of a 2D artwork OR two (2) images of a 3D artwork. 
Diptych/Triptych may be submitted as individual image files + assembled work. 
Digital images must be in jpeg format RGB, maximum 2GB in size at 300dpi. 

AND 1 RESUME – upload a PDF or .doc file as the third file. 

*Please note* – The program will require two files and it will look the same each time – it will ask for a title, description and price etc, but please use this second upload for your resume. and just fill anything into the fields for price etc. 

Also you will be asked for information on artwork title, date, media, size and suggested value. 
Brief (100 word) artist’s statement about the work 
Any relevant information on the history of the piece (i.e. exhibitions) 
A one-page narrative biography of the artist (approx. 200 words). This differs from the usual CV in which a lengthy list of information is printed in 
point form. A narrative biography is a summation of the most important aspects of the artist’s work. 

Any submissions that do not follow the submission requirements may be disqualified from consideration without notice. You may feel as though you are filling in the same information more than once but please do fill in all fields. 


Digital submissions to be uploaded here via Entrythingy 

TRANSPORTATION is the responsibility of the artist. Artworks selected for FINAL VIEWING must be delivered to the Archives of Ontario, 
134 Ian Macdonald Blvd, Toronto, M7A 2C5 attention of the Curator. 

October 31, 2019 Deadline for digital submissions to OSA contact 
Oct – Nov 2019 OSA compiles portfolios for review 
Dec 2019 – Feb 2020 Review of artwork and jury process (if needed) (Artists may be requested to provide work for in person jurying as stated above.) 
February 28, 2020 Selected Artists Notified 
April 30, 2020 Deadline for delivery of original artworks to Archives 
of Ontario 
May – Aug 2020 Donation agreements signed, appraisals completed, 
and tax receipts issued for 2020 tax year. 
Sept – Dec 2020 Artworks accessioned and documented into Art 
Spring/Summer/Fall 2021 Potential Exhibition 
OSA Contact/Questions: 


L. E. Glazer 

The Government of Ontario Art Collection at the Archives of Ontario invites members of the Ontario Society of Artists (OSA) to donate works of art in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the OSA. 

HISTORICAL TIES The OSA and the Government of Ontario Art Collection 
The province has in its collection the works of more than two hundred OSA artists from the OSA’s inception in 1872. This body of work chronicles the history of the Society as well as the development of art in Ontario. Donations to the Government of Ontario Art Collection from the OSA in 2005, 2007 and 2012 marked the renewed relationship between these two organizations. This 2019-2020 donation will recognize the continued partnership with the Ontario Government. Being recognized as significant contributors to the cultural life of our province, it is important to fulfil the mandate laid down for us by our founding members – to educate Ontarians about art and to make it possible for the community to have access to the art produced by OSA members. 

BENEFITS FOR DONORS The donated artwork will belong to the province in perpetuity and will be cared for and maintained according to archival standards. The artwork will be displayed in prominent public areas of government buildings as well as executive suites within ministries and agencies. The works will be seen by international dignitaries as well as members of the public who visit the Ontario Government buildings. Each artist will have their donated work of art featured on the website of the Archives of Ontario in a special section reserved for donors. If requested, artists will receive a charitable donation tax receipt equal to the appraised fair market value of the donated artwork, less the cost of appraisal. The Government of Ontario Art Collection maintains for perpetuity, a file on each artist, documenting the life work of the artist. An exhibition featuring a selected number of works from the donation could potentially be on display as early as Spring 2021. Exhibit length and location is still to be determined, but we would hope to make use of the 2 Archives of Ontario’s exhibition space or the Office of the Lieutenant Governor at Queens Park, depending on funding and availability. A possible collaboration with other OSA 150th Anniversary stakeholders, such as OCADU, could see art students create works that respond to pieces from the donation which could be displayed alongside the OSA works or in an online format. We would also hope to display OSA records from the archival holdings to tie into the anniversary and history of the society. 

APPRAISAL AND TAX RECEIPT As of 2016, the Government of Ontario Art Collection must work through the Office of the Provincial Controller (OPCD) and their Donations policy issue a tax receipt to the donor. This policy applies to all gift in kind donations to the province. If the fair market value is expected to be more than $1,000, the property must be professionally appraised by at least two independently qualified individuals with at least two years’ experience. An appraisal is valid for two years from the date it is performed. Where appraisers are hired directly by the donor, individuals must be preapproved by the Archives of Ontario. If the donor bears the full-cost of the donation related expenses, OPCD will issue an acknowledgement letter and an Income Tax Receipt for the approved Fair Market Value. If the Ministry bears any donation related expenses, OPCD will issue an acknowledgement letter and an Income Tax Receipt for the approved Fair Market Value appraisal less the amount of donation related expenses paid by the Ministry. Please have the following ready to submit to the appraiser: CV, past exhibition records for the artwork, digital images of artwork, past sale records and/or values of comparable artwork, contact at representing gallery.