OSA Executive Council

The OSA Executive Council is made up of these elected volunteers:

President: Clare Ross
1st Vice President: Kim Atkins
2nd Vice President: Open
Secretary: Sue Ennis
Treasurer: Lisa Murzin


Peter Dušek – Digital Master
Susanne Clark – Social Media
Anne Cavanaugh – Councillor At Large, Director of Eastern Hub
Cathy Groulx – Councillor At Large, Director of Western Hub
Ronald Regamey – Director At Large, Chair of Members’ Exhibition
Cesar Forero – Councillor At Large, Director of Northern Hub
Pat Dumas-Hudecki – Councillor At Large, Graphic Design Support
Janet Read – Councillor At Large, 150th Anniversary 2022
Cheryl Bailey – Membership

Constitutionally, all Past Presidents may participate on Council.
The following are actively participating as Councillors:

Diana Bennett – Past President. 150th Anniversary 2022
Carmel Brennan – Past President 150th Anniversary 2022
Janet Hendershot – Past President, Rep to The Aird Gallery Board
James MacDougall – Past President
Lawrence Glazer – Past President, Liaison to Ontario Archives
Diana Harding-Tucker – Past President, Historical Committee Chair
Ernestine Tahedl – Past President Currently Advising