Diana Harding-Tucker: 3 Artworks Juried into N3XT

DIANA HARDING-TUCKER, OSA and the N3XT 2020 National Juried Art Competition

OSA artist and photographer Diana Harding-Tucker has three artworks: I am Canadian; Dance of the Reeds; and Approach of Winter, juried into the prestigious exhibition, N3XT, a National Art Competition at the Arts & Letters Club in Toronto.

APPROACH OF WINTER – Pigment Print, Pastels on Hahnemuhle rag paper 45” x 22”

Approach of Winter: In October, the water on Brome Lake Québec begins to congeal to ice, trapping all the Maple leaves below. But two Red Maple leaves still float atop the water, supported by surface tension, defying gravity, aflame with the fire of Life – a symbol of the strength, resilience, compassion and humility uniting Canadians in the face of adversity during the Covid 19 pandemic.

The N3xt theme poses the questions: What is unity in Canada? Can we be truly unified? How can unity, or the desire for it, be expressed? I look forward to all the interesting creativity that will be displayed at the coming 2020 exhibition!

The N3XT exhibit will be held at the Arts & Letters Club from Thursday, November 19 to Friday, December 18, 2020. The exhibition at the Arts & Letters Club will be accessible by small groups with a prearranged appointment, following Covid19 protocols (info@n3xt.ca). This exhibition will also be held online.